Monday, 10 June 2013

Meadows & Moorland Farm Walk

The Keld Countryside & Heritage Centre holds a series of events each year, one being a farm walk.  On Sunday a group of people joined Chris on a walk through our meadows, pastures and onto the open fell.  All who took part were regular visitors to the dales but none were familiar with the high fells at the head of Swaledale.  They were astounded by the beauty of the landscape, the vastness of the moors and the variety of birds and abundance of wild flowers.  One lady commented that the walk was made particularly special because it was guided by a local farmer who explained about the livestock, farming practises both past and present and the history of the area. 
Setting off from West Briggs
West Briggs with Far Briggs behind and the road along Keldside in the distance.

Walking through Harker's meadow, an area designated as an Area of Special Scientific Interest because of the species of wildflower found there.


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