Saturday 31 January 2015

Carrie the Caravan!

The latest addition to Chris' collection of (how can I put this politely?) vintage stuff on wheels ...
is Carrie the Caravan!!!
And why does he need a caravan I hear you ask? 
Well this year he is going one step further than the occasional tractor run, he is going to
Tractor Fest at Newby Hall in June for a whole weekend!!
He is going with a mate, a mate with a tractor...
and they need somewhere for the bacon & the beer ...
and no doubt they will have a hell of a good time.

Thursday 29 January 2015

When a Snowy Day at Pry House Farm became an Artform

The icy wind creates amazing shapes and snow forms on the lea side of the wall.

 Some look like snow monsters rising from the ground.

Drifts appear with sharp leading edges and perfect curves.

The wind blows through the gaps in the stone walls, sculpting the snow into elaborate abstract patterns

Fine plumes of powdery snow ....

blows over the top of the stone walls like sea spray in a storm .... 

and gathers in every nook & cranny, doorway and field gate.


Chris has a new addition to his vintage tractor collection, an Alice Chambers B

He bought her from a chap in Scotland but what makes her special is she originally came from Tipton & Morley in Barnard Castle (back in 1953).
A new friend for Clive and Fergus!

Friday 16 January 2015

Surprise Calf

From this post's title you may have guessed that this calf was a mistake!  Not long ago Chris suspected the heifer might be in calf and had her scanned. 
Two days ago she produced a fine bull calf.
Mother and baby doing well! 

Carrie and Jan on a snowy Home Field

Carrie and Jan on Home Field in the Snow
Every day our working dogs have a good run out and a chance to play.

The snow makes them extra excited. 

Monday 12 January 2015

After the Storm

Storms battered and blew all night and most of the morning causing the river to rage
and trees to groan.
Just below Pry House at the entrance to Hoggarth's
three trees were uprooted by the gale force winds.

Luckily the falling trees caused no damage and were easily pushed
to the roadside in order to keep the road open.