Wednesday 28 February 2018

Hut in the Snow

Looking cold and lonely but don't worry I check on the Shepherd's Hut regularly and it has a little low watt heater inside to keep everything warm & aired so it okay.  Honest!

No matter what the weather chucks at it the Shepherd's Hut still has the best views ever!

And those lovely, big, original Shepherd's Hut wheels keep it up off the ground
and out of the weather.

The Beast from the East

As predicted winter isn't over yet.  This latest spell of weather to hit a lot of the UK has been named the Beast from the East as its come all the way from Siberia.
Upper Swaledale is getting its fair share!

We were greeted with a bank of snow at the back door first thing this morning!

I'm glad we don't have to use 'outdoor facilities'!

Drifts the height of the garden wall at the front of the house....

...... and at the back too.  
The cavalry was very welcome this morning.

Saturday 24 February 2018

Winter isn't finished with us yet.

Its cruelly cold outside today.  
Winter hasn't finished with us yet and why would it?  After all its still February. 
Let the cold wind blow, let it snow, let Jack Frost have some fun.
Then when spring finally arrives in March, hopefully we can close the door on winter,
and welcome some longer, warmer days in preparation for lambing time.
In the meantime the snowdrops at Pry House Farm have arrived - at last!

Sunday 11 February 2018

Living (and working) above the Snow Line

February winds bring the snow.  Its a cold & hungry month,
 nipping at our heels one minute and biting hard the next.
Up here in the hills the weather can close in very quickly 
whilst down in the valley all remains green.
Always spectacularly beautiful.
Beck Meetings sheep pens splattered with snow.
Welcome to the Yorkshire Dales!

Wednesday 7 February 2018

Feeding the Land

Muck spreading this morning.  Its smelly and its messy ..... however

it is what make the grass grow for lambing time and ....

 the flowers bloom to make sweet hay.  Roll on spring and summer!