Thursday 24 November 2016

Winter in Swaledale

Snow covered Swaledale hills glistening pink at the end of the day

Dodd Hill at the top of Gunnerside Moor taken from Pry House Farm

Green dale, white mountain and pink sky as sun sets over Sleddale

Winter at Pry House Farm

The advantage to short, crisp winter days ....

....... are the long, warm winter nights!

Sunday 20 November 2016

Snowy Heights

For some a snowy Sunday morning is an opportunity for adventure.

 Close to the top of Tailbridge Hill we spotted two people cross skiing over the moor.

Just over an hour later and the two tiny dots on the top of the hill at Fell's End .....

...... were taking in the view.

Winter Weather

Winter has arrived early in upper dales this year.
 On the 10th November giant snowflakes gently fell until we had 
several inches of soft wet snow making everywhere look very Christmassy!
Fortunately it went as quickly as it came until ......
 A week later and now we have as much again.
 Lodge Gill hogg house/sheep house and walled enclosure with a line of shooting butts above.
Many years ago this walled enclosure was a meadow and hay would have been made here and stored in the hay mew section of the building to feed stock through the winter.
The B6270 between Cumbria and North Yorkshire and our road home.