Monday 30 March 2020

Isolated but not Alone

Isolated but not Alone
A big hello to everyone who follows my blog, to all who have stayed at Hillcrest Cottage, to everyone who has had bed & breakfast with us here at Pry House Farm and to those who have enjoyed a retreat in the Shepherd's Hut.  
Oh my goodness, whoever in their worst nightmare could have dreamt up such a thing? When you read my last blog post in February whoever would have thought we would be living through such trying, exhausting, unbelievably crazy times?

There's no point in pretending that I am not worried.  Everyone is anxious about their families and concerned how we are going to get through the extraordinary measures we have to abide by. 
But I also know how lucky I am to have miles of 'nowhere' right outside my door that is teaming with wildlife to distract me.

Only a few days ago I watched a pair of oystercatchers claiming a nesting place by the river, I stumbled across frog spawn and followed the curlews on home field as they foraged for worms and grubs.

 As regular visitors to the top of Swaledale know, spring comes later here than the rest of the country but I'm pleased to report that it has finally arrived.

  The daffodils outshine the weak early sun and it won't be long before the fields will be dotted with lambs.  At Pry House Farm we start lambing on 10th April.  Nothing halts lambing time!
I shall be posting lots of photos and news as lambing progresses.  I have always loved sharing our farming experiences and this year will be no exception.
Please, please take care of yourselves.  Best wishes from us all on the farm.