Sunday 30 March 2014

Ruben's Vintage Muck Spreader

 Young Ruben from Ravenseat brought his latest 'big boy's toy' to show Chris -
a Massey Harris 1950 / 60 ish Muck S.preader.
The mechanism was completely seized up but Ruben has oiled and greased every cog and chain and  now ........
..... apart from needing a new floor it is now in perfect working order.

Well done Ruben. 

Tuesday 11 March 2014

Wildlife on Home Field

Last year I quite often saw a duck with her brood of ducklings.  This year we could have many more as I counted EIGHT pairs of ducks on Home Field!
The migrating birds are beginning to return. 
These are Lapwing and Golden Plover
Still waiting for the first of the Curlew to arrive.

A Shed Load of Calves at Pry House Farm

We have black ones ...
.... and a brown one.
A black and white one ....

and an incredibly cute one!!