Monday 6 May 2019

Lambing 2019

 After a busy few weeks, lambing is almost finished.  
It has been hard work, long days but as always exciting and rewarding. 

Some of our sheep lamb inside and
but the majority lamb in the fields
surrounding the farmhouse.
This ewe had her triplets outside but Chris
brought them in so that we could keep an eye
on them and make sure they were all getting
an equal share of milk.

 The happiest days were when Heidi and Hetty, my herdwicks, had their lambs. I was lucky enough to see Hetty have the first of her twins, both gimmers.  Heidi had a single tup lamb who I have called Marco - he is a big strong and very confident.

 One of the great joys at lambing time is sharing the experience with our guests, family and friends.


And when we have pen full of pet lambs a helping hand with bottle feeding is gratefully received.



But my herdwick lambs are not the only black lambs on Pry House Farm home field.
Unusually one of our Swaledale ewes had an all black lamb!  It doesn't happen very often - perhaps once every eight or ten years.  
I have called her Amazing Grace.  She has long legs and as her name implies she is very graceful.

Marco when he is only a few hours old and Heidi happily posing for the camera!

Thursday 2 May 2019

Take a walk on the wild side!

The warm weather and spring sunshine has brought out the early ground hugging wild flowers.
Here are just a few.

 Primroses carpet the bank side at the edge of Birkdale Beck.

Perfectly sheltered & almost hidden from view they quietly provide a stunning display.

Tucked into walls and on shady banks look out for tiny wild violets with their dark heart shaped leaves.  Delicate wood sorrel have a light green trifoil leaf and are a delight to discover.

Wednesday 1 May 2019

Herdwicks lambs at Pry House Farm

My Herdwick sheep, Heidi and Hetty, have both had their lambs.  
It has caused great excitement as never before have we had anything but Swaledales
 at Pry House Farm.

Heidi was the first to have her lamb; a single, a jet black tup lamb and his name is Marco.

Marco is a big strong lamb with good bone and a broad head.  I hope he makes a good Herdwick tup and that someone wants him for breeding.  We will see - only time will tell.
Exactly a week later Hetty had her twins.  I happened to be in the Shepherd's Hut and glancing out of the window I noticed Hetty on her own by the wall, displaying typical signs of being a-lambing.  I ran for Chris and we walked down to see how she was getting on.  I saw the lamb being born and as we got closer realised there was no movement.  Chris ran to intervene and quickly cleared the lamb's airways  The sack hadn't broken.  If we hadn't been there it could have been a different story.
A short time later lamb number two was born and this time with no drama!
They are both gimmers (females) and I have called them Jacqui and Doris.

                                          Heidi watches on with interest and with Marco (7 days old).