Thursday 18 June 2015

Helicopter Heaven

 I have always been fascinated by helicopters and we regularly see them flying up the dale.

The military on practise manoeuvres are difficult to snap as they move so fast.

Its great to watch them as they fly fast and low up the dale.

In remote areas it is easier to check  the electricity poles from the air.

The checks are carried out every year.

Sunday 7 June 2015

Newby Hall Tractor Fest 2015

Chris and James Robinson have had a great time at the tractor festival weekend.
Tractors unloaded
Base camp for the weekend

Just chilling!

Good housekeeping!

Both Chris' Fergie and James' Ford 4000 had good positions on the showfield 

A special feature of this year's Tractor Fest was 'All things Massey Ferguson'

Fergus the Fergie in the foreground on the avenue leading to Newby Hall

But not just Grey Fergies; red ones, brown ones even pink ones!
On Saturday evening Chris & James took part in The March of the Tractors when hundreds of tractors left Newby Hall and proceeded by road to Ripon market place where they were greeted by the hundreds of spectators.


Friday 5 June 2015

Tractor Fest Weekend at Newby Hall

Tractor Fest 5th - 7th June at Newby Hall near Ripon
At last the long awaited weekend of tractors, tractors and more tractors has arrived! 
Chris and his friend James have taken a tractor each and a caravan has been obtained especially for the event.

Last night the tractors were loaded onto the lorry ready to roll this morning.

After being carefully secured and strapped on ......

both James' Ford and Chris' Fergie are ready for the road.

Caravan in tow, Chris sets off for a weekend of tractors, bacon sarnies and much liquid refreshment!
Have a great time!!