Friday 8 June 2018

Muker Meadows - the Jewel in the Crown

Muker meadows have to be the Yorkshire Dales jewel in the crown.
At this very moment they are simply spectacular, a paintbox of colour.

It is not surprising that they were awarded coronation status by Prince Charles 
to mark 60 years of the Queen's coronation.  

There is an abundance of wildflowers including yellow rattle, ladies mantle, rough hawkbit and more but it is the swathes of purple wood cranes-bill against lacy white pignut that creates the artist's palate.

 My favourite time of day to visit the meadows is early evening.  It is quiet and still and last of the day's sun shows the meadows in their best light.  There may be one of two people leaving but only me going in - just how I like it!