Friday 7 May 2021

A Homemade and Locally Produced Yorkshire Welcome

~ Upper Swaledale Holidays ~

Where the welcome is warm, homemade or locally produced

At Pry House Farm B&B we use locally produced products whenever possible.  Rydale Preserves for breakfast marmalade and conserves, Wensleydale Creamery for butter and Ann Forshaw's farmhouse yoghurts.

The Home Farmer Milk Vending Trailer has been providing milk for the past 3 years. The milk comes from their free range herd of 100 cows that graze the rolling hills of Wensleydale for as long as the Yorkshire weather allows before being brought into sheds for the winter.

I regularly use the Vending Trailer and often take friends to experience buying locally produced milk in a glass bottle.  I love the idea of getting back to using glass bottles instead of plastic.  The uniqueness of the converted horse trailer is pure genius. It is moved daily and can be found in a different Wensleydale village each day.

In addition to milk The Home Farmer also makes their own Wensleydale cheese.  Handmade on the farm using a slow traditional recipe their cheese, Old Roan, is smooth, creamy and flavoursome.

Baking day - a batch of homemade Herdwick shortbread biscuits!

 Farmhouse bed & breakfast, self catering holiday cottage or glamping in the Shepherd's Hut? We aim to make your stay memorable and special.  See you soon!  


Lambing Time on the Farm

 Lambing Time at Pry House Farm

Lambing is a busy time on the farm.  Hundreds of lambs are born between mid April and the end of May.  Some of our sheep have their lambs in the buildings in the yard but many more have them in the fields surrounding the farmhouse and the Shepherd's Hut

Every year brings its problems. Spring 2021 has been particularly cold.  Hard frosts every night during April and snow at the beginning of May has held back any new spring grass. Our sheep are hungry and now more than ever, when they are rearing lambs, they need plenty of feed.

The arrival of the the quad bike & trailer with hay for the feeder soon attracts a crowd.

But its the rattle of sugar beet in a bag that has the sheep running from every direction.

This and all the lambing antics of the day is in full view of the farmhouse and Shepherd's Hut providing endless hours of entertainment.