Friday 30 August 2013

Barn Owl Rescue 999

Yesterday, (28th August) Chris discovered that one of our beautiful Barn Owls was ensnared by bale twine tangled around a barbed wire frame attached to an electricity pole.

The bale twine was wrapped tightly round and round its leg.

Despite not liking heights and breaking all rules regarding electricity poles and shaking like a jelly I gingerly crept up the ladder. 

The owl was quite calm and I was able to gently snip away at the string.  I, on the other hand, was not at all calm as it was a two handed job so no hope of holding onto the ladder!

Safely back on terra firma and after removing all the string from his leg I took him straight to the vets at Kirkby Stephen where he was fed and observed overnight.

A Happy Ending
The vet phoned to say that the owl had survived the night and was more lively today; his claw was working properly and he was trying to peck them (a good sign!).  Today I put him back in the barn where he was raised.  Imagine my delight when I discovered another young owl in there too.  So from a brood of three, maybe four, two have made it.  

Thank You
A big thank you to David, Conservation Officer at the Barn Owl Trust.  His advise and guidance was invaluable.  The Barn Owl Trust website is very informative.  To find out more about these fascinating birds visit  
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Monday 26 August 2013

A Beautiful Morning

Heavy mist this morning completely obliterated the view but it lifted very quickly and we have had a red hot day.
Looking west towards Stonehouse

Cobwebs on the railings, heavy with dew, glisten in the early sunshine. 
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Thursday 22 August 2013

Coast to Coast on Horseback

My first glimpse of my two and four-legged Bed & Breakfast guests as they make their way across the moor from Nateby to Keld.

Tina riding Carrie and Joy riding Alana, from East Yorkshire are riding Coast to Coast.

On their way they are raising money for the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution 

It was a great pleasure for me to have the horses and riders to stay at Pry House.

Many, many years ago, when I first left school, I worked with horses; mainly show jumpers and eventers and traveled to competitions and shows all over England and Ireland.  It was just great to be around horses again after all these years. 

The horses spent two nights and a rest day in the small field at the side of the house.

Both horses and riders, suitably rested, ready to take on the second half of their Coast to Coast challenge.

Wagons roll!
Joy and Tina are being supported by their husbands in this really super-duper horsebox (they were nothing like this in my day!)

Good luck Joy, Alana, Tina & Carrie
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