Monday 21 January 2013

Just as Predicted!

Looking down the yard from my kitchen window this morning.  The rest of the windows in the house are completed splatterd with snow so I can't see out at all.  No need for curtains here!
Just been out to shovel a three foot drift away from the back door and the yard door.  The snowplough has just been up but as you can see its still snowing and blowing so at this rate it will soon be white again.  I'm so glad we have plenty of oil, wood and coal.  Its worth the effort of snow clearing to get to it and digging keeps me warm too! 
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Saturday 19 January 2013

Snow Drifts, Snow Dunes & Snow Sculptures

At first glance we don't appear to have much snow but the wind has been up to its tricks and created some amazing shapes and sculptures all over the farm. 
A snow dune at the front of Pry House
The wind has blown through gaps in the stone wall to create this amazing snow face.  A ghostly image.
A huge folded over drift in front of the kennels.
Fine frozen patterns on a north facing wall
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Thursday 17 January 2013

Carrie in the Snow

At the beginning of this week we had about three inches of snow.  Not much really and certainly not enough for any spectacular winter photographs so just this one of Carrie instead.  And that took some getting as she is never still!!  The snow is fine and dry and Carrie and the other dogs had a great time racing and playing on Home Field.  She is growing fast and looks as if she will make a good, strong working sheepdog one day.  We hope so.

The forecast is for more snow tonight and tomorrow so watch this space! 
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