Friday 27 October 2017

Farm buildings; old and new

We very rarely used this tiny hogg house anymore which is on home field by the roadside.
It is two storey and would have housed hoggs top and bottom.  Maybe 35 to 40 altogether.
In the background you can see a new building which has just gone up this summer.
This will hold over 100 sheep, all easily managed and accessible by tractor.

A Magic Autumn Morning

The first fabulous autumn morning of the season.  
Waking up to such a magnificent landscape; dampened spirits vanish like magic.

Ghostly shapes appear as the early mist begins to lift.

Diamond dew drops on a spider's web.

The Shepherd's Hut (now put to bed for winter) catches the sunrise.

Tuesday 24 October 2017

Every Barn Tells A Story Lantern Workshop

As the Yorkshire Dales National Park project Every Barn Cowus Tells a Story
 draws to a close preparations are in full swing for the grand finale 
which will take place at the end of the year.

A two day workshop to make life-size cows, calves and a sheepdog has taken place 
during the October school holidays in Muker Public Hall.

 Willow is bent and woven, curled and taped to create the required shape.

To get used to the materials required the youngest children made pyramid lanterns .....

and decorated them.

Once the willow structure was finished the job of covering it 
with special paper soaked in glue began.

Covering the cow's head and ears.

The workshops were well attended by local residents & children as well as families holidaying in Swaledale.  We had everyone from five to eighty-five taking part or dropping by to see what was going on!

The workshops were run by Fran, a professional lantern maker from Hebden Bridge.

Wednesday 11 October 2017

Raging River

There's a lot of water in the beck today!

The River Swale rises very quickly fed by water flowing off the fells & scars.
It flows fast and furious and is dizzying to watch.
Its dangerous yet beautiful at the same time.
The heavy rain has created spectacular waterfalls.
Keld is home to at least nine significant waterfalls.  
Pick up a Waterfall Walk leaflet from the Keld Countryside & Heritage Centre 
or visit