Saturday 25 February 2017

Keld Community Orchard

Thank you to everyone who has supported the 'Sponsor A Tree' appeal.
It has been enormously successful and now there are only 
a very few soft fruit bushes left (£10 each). 
Email if you would like a chance to 'Sponsor A Fruit Bush'

 To those of you who have missed out, do not despair.  We have a wish list of wonderful things we would like to put in the orchard which we will be fundraising for shortly.
Watch this space!

Thursday 23 February 2017

Sponsor a Tree in Keld Community Orchard

A Community Orchard is being created in Keld.  
The site has been cleared and local residents have worked hard to prepare the soil, 
clean a long forgotten cobbled path, build a viewing platform for less mobile visitors 
and secure the old pig sty for storage.

In a few short weeks we will be planting the fruit trees and shrubs and we are appealing to friends and supporters of Keld to 'Sponsor a Tree'.  

So no matter how far away you live or how little time you have to spare you can be involved in Keld's Community Garden.
There will be 7 free-standing trees; a mixture of apple, damson, plum and crab apple -  £30 each
6 Espaliers and Cordons to train along the garden wall; apple and pear - £20 each
6 Soft fruit bushes; blackcurrant and gooseberry - £10 each

 Sponsor a Tree and when you next visit Keld you can monitor its progress.  
We can also email you when your tree is in bloom or in fruit. 
If you would like to take part and can support the Keld Orchard please email and you will receive a list of the varieties of fruit trees and bushes available to sponsor.
There are only 19 trees & bushes in total so don't be disappointed - grab a tree today! 

Tuesday 21 February 2017

Hungry Weather

There are few signs of spring on the high fells in February and our sheep are hungry.

 At the first sound of a vehicle they are ready and waiting for extra rations.

 Fortunately we have a lot of good sheep silage and plenty sweet hay to keep our sheep 
well fed and happy throughout the winter.

Sunday 19 February 2017

Laying Field Drains at Pry House Farm

 Drainage improvement scheme underway 
in the little field at the side of the house.

Why, I wonder?  Can you guess?  
The clue is in the picture - as they say!

Saturday 18 February 2017

Hillcrest Cottage Gets A Make-over

January and February are busy months for owners of holiday cottages and Bed & Breakfast businesses.   It is when the paint brushes come out, new furniture and fittings come in and everything is cleaned to within an inch of its life.

Hillcrest Cottage is no exception.  
My decorator has been at the cottage this week and everywhere is ready for the 2017 season. 
 The master bedroom has been painted in Candle Cream and has fresh new Dorma bedding and curtains.  A dream of a bedroom to wake up in when on your holidays.

Number Crunching at Pry House Farm

It is time to find out just exactly how busy we are going to be this lambing time.

The sheep gathered into the building wait to be scanned.

Each ewe is scanned and marked for a twin or triplet (no mark for a single)

A blue mark sprayed on the top of the shoulder tells us she is carrying twins.  
We have gone through far too many cans of blue spray for my liking.  
Its going to be a busy time - ALL LEAVE CANCELLLED!

Sunday 12 February 2017

Mad Dogs & Englishman Out in the Snow!

 It hasn't been a nice day at all - infact these photos don't portray just how bitterly cold and horrid it is outside today. I thought I'd just run the dogs up the road as surely nobody would be stupid enough to be out on the roads today particularly over these moor roads.
 But no ... Chris has had to stop and turn round endless vehicles today.  The A66 is closed so why, oh why do drivers think the B6270 over a bleak, open moorland is an option?

They soon find out!!

Saturday 11 February 2017

Who Let the Sheep in?

There hasn't been any sheep on the common that surrounds Hillcrest Cottage for months.  Today I was working away getting the cottage ready for my decorator arriving on Monday when ....... Oops!
Who left the gate open?  Me!

Who is this handsome, horny chap with his harem of ladies skulking about outside Hillcrest's garden?  Could he be a Jacob?  Whoever he is he had an eclectic taste in wives!

Monday 6 February 2017

Keld Community Spirit Gets Things Done

The residents of Keld are working together to create a Community Orchard in the garden below the Manse.  Today dumpy bags of chippings were delivered which are being used to create pathways through the orchard.

It was a case of all hands to the shovel!

Saturday 4 February 2017

Coast to Coast Path Gets Much Needed Help

Coast to Coast Kirkby Stephen to Keld Section

Over the years thousands of pairs of boots have crossed the peat moors from Nine Standards Rigg on their mission to walk across England - Coast to Coast.  

There are hundreds of tall tales of walkers sinking up to their waists in peat bog, of losing boots and stick and poles.  It is certainly true that when they arrive at their B&B they have a considerable amount of peat upon their person!

But hopefully no more.  There is a big operation in progress to lay a stone path across the worst parts of peat moor which will benefit everyone involved.  Most importantly the path with safeguard the ecostructure of the moor and prevent further damage.

Helicopter in operation at the top of Tailbridge Hill.

Bundles of stone flags are strapped to the winch rope and ........
...... flown over to the Coast to Coast path ready to be laid.


Happiness is no more peaty socks and muddy boots.  Thanks National Parks and AONB for a job well done.