Thursday, 23 February 2017

Sponsor a Tree in Keld Community Orchard

A Community Orchard is being created in Keld.  
The site has been cleared and local residents have worked hard to prepare the soil, 
clean a long forgotten cobbled path, build a viewing platform for less mobile visitors 
and secure the old pig sty for storage.

In a few short weeks we will be planting the fruit trees and shrubs and we are appealing to friends and supporters of Keld to 'Sponsor a Tree'.  

So no matter how far away you live or how little time you have to spare you can be involved in Keld's Community Garden.
There will be 7 free-standing trees; a mixture of apple, damson, plum and crab apple -  £30 each
6 Espaliers and Cordons to train along the garden wall; apple and pear - £20 each
6 Soft fruit bushes; blackcurrant and gooseberry - £10 each

 Sponsor a Tree and when you next visit Keld you can monitor its progress.  
We can also email you when your tree is in bloom or in fruit. 
If you would like to take part and can support the Keld Orchard please email and you will receive a list of the varieties of fruit trees and bushes available to sponsor.
There are only 19 trees & bushes in total so don't be disappointed - grab a tree today! 

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