Thursday 6 October 2016

Kirkby Tup Shearlings

This year's Kirkby Tup Shearlings relaxing in the October sunshine

This is my favorite - I like his style!

Monday 3 October 2016

Shepherd Hut at Home

My perfectly crafted, cute-as-could-be Shepherd's Hut
is finally at home in her permanent site.

Still a lot of landscaping to do ......

and we're no where near the finishing touches stage yet .....

but its coming together slowly and ......

with views like this from every window ......

..... I can't wait to share it.

Saturday 1 October 2016

Boys and their Bigger Toys

Chris has bought himself a vintage upgrade!

He's now the proud owner of a Massey 165 and he loves it!

However it does mean that Clive the 35 is now up for sale.  
If you know anyone looking for a really good little Massey please get in touch.

Max and Gem

We have two new young dogs, Max and Gem.  They are both very loveable. 
Chris has Gem and his brother has Max. 

 Both dogs are untrained so can't be let off the lead.  
Everyday I take them for a walk up the road but its arm-wrenching work and 
they nearly have me off my feet but today I had a brainwave.
We had been selling lambs and our building is empty so I let them off in there to play.
They ran and ran and ran and played and messed about until they could go no more!