Friday 29 May 2015

Hare today ......

We have a pair of brown hares living on home field.
Their grooming ritual is extensive.
Between the toes .....
Front and back .....

When all is done there's time for a short nap in the late evening sunshine.


Tuesday 26 May 2015

Tiny Titch Update

Tiny Titch's mother came inside for a couple of days because she had a poorly foot
so Titch's brothers had to come too.   

I thought Titch was growing until I saw these two bruisers!

However Titch's adopted mother is doing a grand job at rearing him. He won't let me too close but recognises my voice and raises his head when I call his name.

Monday 18 May 2015

The Camera Never Lies (it just doesn't tell the full story)

The gills are gushing ......

The river is racing ........

The sheep are sheltering ....
However don't be fooled by the sunshine.
What these photographs can't show is the bitter wind and biting cold.
(And they say the camera never lies!)

Sunday 17 May 2015

The Three Fs

Its the unexpected that turns an ordinary day into a special day.


Friday 15 May 2015

Trials and Tribulations of Hill Farming

We are coming to the end of lambing (only 8 left to lamb) and many people imagine that the hard work is done however this is not the case.  Vigilant checking of stock and extra feed is vitally important make sure the ewes and lambs remain healthy. Once again, our old enemy, the weather is against us. Its mid May yet it feels like winter with biting cold winds and poor temperatures. 

This lamb's mother has stopped producing milk so has been brought in to be hand reared.

Sunday 10 May 2015

Further Adventures of Tiny Titch

It had to happen! 
Tiny Titch couldn't stay indoors forever so on a lovely sunny day we turned him out into the small field by the house (mainly so I could keep an eye on him!) with his adopted mother & brother.
 Feeling the grass under his feet for the very first time.
His second night outside wasn't such fun.  It rained very heavily but instinctively he found shelter.  As a Swaledale tuplet he will have many a wet night to put up with!
He may be a chunk smaller than his much younger brother ....

but he leaves him standing when they gallop about the field.

Who's the Daddy???  Tiny Titch is!!!!

Monday 4 May 2015

The Tale of Tiny Titch

Eleven days ago one of our sheep produced triplets.  One of them was very small, his name is Tiny Titch and I hand reared him for eight days. When he was three days old his mother was turned out into the field with her two bigger and stronger lambs.  Tiny Titch was left on his own in the pet lamb pen.  Luckily we had one or two sheep with a lot of milk so I was able to feed him with a drop of the 'proper stuff' rather than the powered milk we usually mix up for pet lambs.  He went through a bad patch at four days old when he suddenly lost the use of his back legs and was unable to stand.  It did not look good but miraculously one afternoon he struggled to his feet and although it took him a while to regain co-ordination he has made a complete recovery. 
Three days ago the ewe in the photo had twins but lost one and she has adopted Tiny Titch.  She is a very quiet sheep and accepted him straight away.  
Life is looking up for Tiny Titch!