Tuesday 3 November 2015

Rush Hour at Pry House Farm

Sheep in't road!
Bet that lorry got a shock when it rounded the corner!

1 x pick up & trailer
1 x white van
1 x quad bike
80 x hoggs
= Traffic chaos in Upper Swaledale!

The Three Amigos Take A Bath

The Three Amigos are unceremoniously dunked in the dipping tub!

Dipping is essential for the health of all sheep keeping their skin and fleece free of disease, 
lice, mites and other nasties.
Shaken not stirred?  No, a quick stir and good shake and its all over.

The Mists of Time

After another glorious sunny morning, out of nowhere, a bank of mist swept up the dale. 
By afternoon everywhere was shrouded in thick, grey, damp fog.
Suddenly it is feeling very like Bonfire Night.