Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Last Round-up of Lambing Photos for 2013

Mandy feeding two pet lambs.  Both these lambs were successfully 'mothered on' and are now on the fell with their adopted mothers.

Earlier this spring sheep would look anywhere for some new grass.  These two thought they would try in my garden.  They weren't there for long!

Introducing Goliath. 
He is enormous!  When he was born he was massive and unusually, already had quite prominent white markings around his nose (this usually comes as they get older).  He was a bit dozey and wobbley when he was first born and Chris kept a close eye on him for the first few days but he's fine now.  

A late lamb, born on June 1st

Staying close to mum.

Curious but cautious. 
Swaledale ewes are very good mums and always protective of their lambs.
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