Friday, 17 April 2020

More Happy Swaledale Memories

Here are more sunny photographs, sent to me by guests and friends, of days out and holidays in Swaledale.  I hope you enjoy them.  Some of the places you will recognise and some of them you may not.  Why not start making a wish list of places to visit and walks to tackle ready for when the doors to the dales are re-opened?

 Looking over to Smithy Holme.  Taken from Keldside just below Pry House Farm.

We have been lambing for a week now.  This photo was taken by Jan from the Netherlands last year although it could have been taken yesterday as this is exactly how the lambing shed looks today!  Lambing is going pretty well. It has been a steady start.  Soon we will be in the middle of a very busy time  as we have an awful lot of 'second weekers' scanned for twins.  So far the weather has been on our side - long may it continue!

 I've sneaked this photo in from this year.  Hetty the Herdwick has had twins, a pair of gimmers (females). I have called them Corra and Violet (work it out for yourselves!)   They are good strong lambs and all doing well. 

Next are a couple of photos of Louise and her family visiting some of their favourite haunts when they come to stay in Swaledale.  I'm sure many of you will recognise the locations.  Answers on a postcard please!

I can say with all honesty that I never get tired of the view from the windows at Pry House Farm.  I also never get tired of hearing the 'wow' when I check guests into their rooms for the first time!  For my many returning guests, the view from the bedroom window is something they look forward to.  From there, depending on the season,  you can watch the birds and the hares on the field, enjoy the lambs gamboling and playing, see the meadow full of flowers and maybe watch us making hay!

Thank you Emily for the photo from the bedroom window.  Emily and Barnabus spent their honeymoon with us in 2018

 From the first evening when we turned up so hopelessly unprepared, tired and unfed after a long journey up by car from Cornwall. You kindly rang ahead to the pub in Keld to ensure we did not miss last orders. We (and our tummies) were extremely grateful!
It was a gloriously hot week, so much so that I was actually able to enjoy walking the beautiful countryside in a t-shirt.  Even more memorable for us than the weather, was the privilege of being whisked away after breakfast to share the precious moments of a new-born lamb taking its first wobbly steps. A perfect Pry House specimen!  
We could not have asked for better hosts than you and Chris.  You made us feel most welcome, provided great advice on where to go and what to see.  We definitely want to come back when this awful situation is over. 

The Shepherd's Hut enjoys the same fabulous view - thanks Sue for this shot.

More photos of your favourite dale in the next blog.  If you haven't done so already, dig out your photographs - I'd love to see them.  Send to

Till the next time, stay safe and well - Glenda

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