Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Dosing and Marking Hoggs

Dosing and marking hoggs before being turned onto the moor

Our hoggs (young sheep) spend the winter on lowland farms.  At the beginning of April they come back to the uplands to return to their heft on the moor.

Temporary penning is erected on the roadside and with the help of the sheepdogs the hoggs come into the pen and work begins. 

Before the hoggs are turned away to the moor it is essential that they set off in the best of health and also marked so that they can be identified as Pry House sheep.   They are dosed against disease and marked with the Pry House mark (a long black line on the near side) and a heft mark on the fleece above the leg (a red 'pop' above the off-side front leg).  
A good dog never takes his eye off the job.

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