Thursday, 18 April 2019

Take a walk with the children - Keld to Angram

Showing You the Way ..... Keld to Angram 
A fun, circular family walk with a colour illustrated guide for the children.

  Going on a walk with children shouldn't be a fight.  Make it fun, give them a map to follow, a list of things to find, exciting things like fossils.  Let them lead the way and keep you on the right track by following the illustrations and the way markers.

Even on the warmest of days in Upper Swaledale you can find a sparkling clear stream to sit beside or better still to play or paddle in!


Stiles to negotiate and bridges to cross......

 A stretch of wetland with duck boarding to stop you getting your feet wet ....

Depending on the time of year discover pastures full of ewes and lambs or meadows rich with flowers & herbs that will be made into hay to feed the sheep throughout winter and lambing time.

And everywhere you look; in meadow field or on hillside high cow'uses, cow'uses, cow'uses.
What is a cowus?  It is a cow house of course!  Quite simply, a place to keep cows.

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