Monday, 18 January 2016

I Never Thought I'd See The Day!

I gave Chris a book, 'The Shepherd's Life' by James Rebanks, for Christmas.
I wasn't convinced he'd read it but I wanted to. What better reason when
choosing a pressie for one's husband!
Chris will openly admit he is no reader however as I constantly
rave on about The Shepherd's Life to anyone who will listen ....
Chris caved in, picked it up and now can't tear himself away from it.
I love this book.  No airy fairy, romantic nonsense here. Just plain talking,
hill farming reality so if you REALLY want to find out about hill farming
and REALLY want to know what makes a hill farmer tick you'll love it too.
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  1. Keep it up Chris! There's more to read than possible in a thousands of lifetimes! So aim for the best! You really made an excellent start!
    I'll buy the English version rightaway! The Dutch will arrive in April, but I cannot wait that long!
    Thanks for the tip Glenda!


  3. A wonderfull interview, a must to be read

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  5. Again a mistake. This time I need to be more concentrated ;-)

    Sorry for my poor English! Hope the moral of my comments is clear anyway!
    Take care!