Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Lambing Time at Pry House Farm

Lambing is well and truly underway on the farm at the moment.  We have been hard at it for just over a week and despite the poor weather we are just about keeping our heads above water.  Last year's poor summer followed by a long extended winter is causing numerous problems particularly the lack of any sign of spring grass in our fields and pastures.  It is almost unheard of for us to lamb our twins indoors but due to the lack of grass we have had no alternative.  This pair of twins were born yesterday with just a little bit of help from me!  Soon after they were born they were popped into an individual pen to keep them apart from the other sheep in the shed who have yet to lamb.  If another sheep was about to lamb she may think that one of these lambs were hers and try to pinch it!  Safely separating the new family avoids this problem.

The cold wind and rain we have had over the last few days meant we were unable to turn any of the sheep that had lambed out into the fields so we had sheep penned up in every available building.  Many more of our sheep lamb outside and Chris checks his lambing fields two or three times a day, bringing back any that are having problems.  Then its a case of where to put them!  Fortunately today has been relatively warm so quite a lot have gone outside.  Tomorrow is another day and we could easy be full to bursting once more.
Must go, I have a pair of twins to bottle feed.  Their mother isn't feeling too good, I know how she feels, these 17 hour days are killing me!! 

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