Monday, 29 April 2013

Foddering Sheep with Debbie from Scenicview Gallery

Debbie Allan from Scenicview Gallery in Reeth came to photograph Chris feeding the sheep.  This is one of my favourites as I think the three sheep in the foreground and the others crossing the beck make a good composition. 
How Debbie managed to take such a good photograph whilst she was being bounced about in the back of the quad bike and trailor, I'll never know?

Because of the long hard winter, hill farmers in upland areas are struggling to keep their livestock in good condition as there has been no spring grass at all.  The sheep are either in-lamb or rearing lambs and require supplementary feed and bulk fodder such as hay or silage every day.
Note the line of snow on the distant hills.

Thanks, Debbie, for allowing me to use these photographs on my blog. 
If you are in Reeth call in at Scenicview Gallery. Debbie's photographs of the dales are amazing.  Debbie also organises Camera Rambles twice a week where you can Walk, Talk & Learn about photography in a fun & informal way. 
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