Tuesday, 17 April 2012

A bad night to give birth outside

Its armageden outside this morning!  I was woken at about 5 o'clock by rain lashing against our bedroom window.  Chris was up before six to go and see what had been born through the night.  It wasn't long before I heard the sound of the quad bike coming into the yard and I knew this would be the first of many trips to bring cold, wet, starved twins indoors.  I quickly got dressed and got myself outside to prepare pens for these poor little creatures.  Eight pairs of twins and eight singles before breakfast and all but one born outside!  Chris has brought indoors six of the eight twins but all the singles are fine.  Its amazing really how the mothers find a sheltered place in behind a wall or in a corner surrounded by rushes.  They stand between the bad weather and their lamb shielding their young from the worst of the wind and the driving rain.  The ones that have been brought inside will soon get going when they dry off and warm up a bit and get some of their mother's life giving milk inside them.  Its been a bad night but could have been worse.  Every sheep has got a lamb ~ no pet lambs to date! 

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