Tuesday, 27 March 2012

A lovely walk by the river on a warm March evening

 It has been another glorious day and I couldn't resist taking one of Chris' sheepdogs for a walk by the Swale at the bottom of Pry Home Field.  This is Wamp Bridge, built over 100 years ago to span the River Swale to enable farmers access to the other side.  It has been skillfully constructed out of the finest local stone and is as strong today as the day it was built.
 The view downstream from Wamp Bridge. 
 Pry House from Ash Gill
 Again looking east towards Hoggarths (behind the trees) and Smithyholme in the far distance.
 A field barn in the field by the river that we call Greendale.  The stone enclosure next to the barn is called The Rhubarb Patch.  One assumes this is because rhubarb and perhaps other vegetables were grown here in the days when farming families had to be more self surficient.  No 4x4 vehicles for farmer's wives in those days and certainly no Tesco or Asda delivery vans!  The sheltered fields on both sides of the river are where we put the sheep that have had twin lambs.  Tonight the air was full of birdsong.  In a few weeks time the sound of bleating lambs will be prevelant.  Its a lovely time of year.
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