Saturday 16 March 2024

The Farmers Arms - the Heart of the Community

 The Farmers Arms in Muker, the very heart of the Upper Swaledale community.

Pubs are often referred to as the hub of the community.  In quiet, sparsely populated rural areas such as Upper Swaledale they are (or should be) the beating heart.   The present owner of the Farmers Arms in Muker has been trying, unsuccessfully, to sell the pub until NOW!  Recently the idea of purchasing the Farmers Arms as a community pub was born and after much deliberation, public consultation and research the possibility is imminent.  A mere 2 weeks ago the community offer was accepted and now its full steam ahead to secure the funds.  There is a government community project grant of up to 50% of the purchase price available .... however for how long?  A general election is almost certain to get in the way of such funding so the race is on.  Nothing like a deadline to spur us into action!

If we dig deep enough, shout loud enough, rattle our tins hard enough and raise the funds The Farmers Arms could once again become the heart of the community.  'Community' means much more than the local community or the farming community.  As the photo above proves, the Farmers Arms is loved by the wider community and holds special memories for people all over the country and infact the world.

Imagine how much more connected to the community you would feel if you owned a teeny-weeny bit (or even a big chunk!) of the Farmer Arms.  How special would that be?  If you would like to buy a share or make a donation please click on this link which takes you to the Muker Community Website where all your questions will be answered.

Raise your voice, raise a glass of community spirit and wish us luck.  

The Farmers Arms needs YOU!  Many thanks.


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