Saturday, 4 July 2020

Baby birds

New life on the farm doesn't always mean lambs. Pry House Farm is a magnet for dozens of breeds of birds.  In addition to the ground nesting birds that arrive each spring to breed by the river and in the surrounding pastures Pry House is a favourite with swallows and house martins.

The low wooden beams and the stone lintels in the traditional buildings that form the farmyard make the perfect nesting site for swallows.

The acrobatics and skillful flying techniques of the adult birds soon let us know when they are busy nest building.  And the appearance of bird droppings on the stone flags below is the tell tale sign that the chicks have hatched!

 Once fledged the parent birds continue to bring food for their offspring and the fledgling chicks return to the safety of their nest until strong enough and confident to take to the skies.

Other young birds to spot when you come to stay on the farm are wagtails, thrush, blackbirds, wren, sparrow and starling.  In the pastures and on the moor you will regularly see lapwing, curlew, skylark, redshank, oyster catchers, dippers and meadow pippin.

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