Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Our Green Footprint

What is Upper Swaledale Holidays doing to reduce their carbon footprint, 
to reduce single use plastic and create less waste?

Upper Swaledale is without doubt a #green and pleasant land 
but what are we doing to keep it that way?

 Going #green
In the guest bathrooms at both Pry House Farm B&B and Hillcrest Cottage we have replaced single use plastic bottles of hand wash with refillable Cole & Lewis products. 

"Tourists are responsible for large quantities of single-use plastic that pollute beaches and threaten wildlife" says Molly Blackall in a recent on-line Guardian article.
At Pry House Farm B&B we decant marmalade & jam into attractive pots for the breakfast table and butter is served in a butter dish.  This eliminates hundreds of individual plastic jam servings and foil butter wrappers going into landfill.  
You will find wool pillows and duvets on most beds at the B&B, in the Shepherd's Hut and at Hillcrest Cottage. Nobody wants to sleep on a stained pillow - yuk!  Wool pillows are zipped so that the wool filling can be removed and the cover washed stopping pillows going into landfill.  Our wool duvets also wash beautifully.  Yes, its an expensive initial outlay but the environmental benefits outweigh the cost and in the long run it SAVES money. 

 We now support Home Farm Milk http://www.thehomefarmer.co.uk/p/homepage.html
where milk comes in a glass bottle - attractive, reusable and environmentally friendly.

On top of this we recycle all plastic, glass, tin, paper & card in the normal way.
Upper Swaledale Holidays is a very small fish in a very large pond but we try to do our bit. Small steps #greenfootprint #goinggreen #green       

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