Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Blue skies, a white blanket and a lot of woolly jumpers

Upper Swaledale is looking spectacular today wearing her winter-white coat
under a bright blue sky.

 It may look spectacular but these weather conditions create hundreds of hungry mouths.

Self service!

Whilst it stays like this our sheep will get hay twice a day.

This old lass is pleased to see us.  
Searching for food with your nose is a cold business.

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  1. I am rereading Rebanks’ “The Sheperd's Life and like to quote him, in order to see how it’s like at Pry House FARM:
    “Snow. Sheperds fear and loathe deep snow and drifting winds. Snow kills. It buries sheep. It buries the grass and makes them even more dependent on us for survival. So we suffer everyone else’s excitement. Snowballs. Snowmen. Sledging. We fear it.”
    On the other hand Rebanks states winter is beautiful too: “But winter is also pure brilliant cloudless days when all is well in the world - when the fields dry out, the sheep are at peace, full of hay, lying in the sunshine, and we can work and also enjoy the beauty of the valley and its wildlife.”