Sunday, 26 August 2018

Foraging is Fun

This year there has been an explosion of beautiful, pearly white field mushrooms in the little garth next to the farmhouse.  The hot weather all summer followed by rain has proved ideal growing conditions for mushrooms.  Foraging for food such as mushrooms, blackberries, damsons, wild raspberries is such fun and very rewarding when turned into tasty soup, pies or jam.

    Knowing where our food comes from is an important topic at the moment so for children to actually find and harvest fruit and veg is a lifelong learning experience.

I had lots of ideas in my head to make the task more interesting -  who can fill their basket first?  Who can find the biggest mushroom?  But as it turned out the simple act of finding lots of little white buttons hiding in the grass was encouragement enough.

A family affair and plenty of foraged treasure to take home for tea.  
Thank you for helping with the mushroom harvest.

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