Wednesday, 7 March 2018

When sheep get buried in snow

Due to the recent bad spell of weather there has been a lot on the news about sheep being dug out of snow drifts having been buried for several days. We call it being 'over-blown'.  
We have had no loses in this respect at either Hoggarths or Pry House Farm; partly because of good luck and partly due to good management.  Before the storm hit, the men moved some of our sheep from vunerable places to safety.

  This photo shows how sheep can so easily get over-blown.  The storm raged from the other side of wall so naturally the sheep shelter on the lea-side.  The snow is blown over the wall and gets deeper and deeper, trapping the sheep underneath.  This photo was taken several day after the storm and the drift has already shrunk quite a bit however it is still several feet deep in places.

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