Thursday, 23 November 2017

Every Barn Tells A Story - Ghost Cow Night

Last Friday night to mark the end of the Every Barn Cowus Tells A Story project
and as a 'thank you' to the local community for their involvement, an evening of
celebration was arranged by the YDNPark.

 The whole project has centred on the iconic little stone buildings that Upper Swaledale is famous for (called cowhouses) and as the name suggests is where the cows lived throughout the winter.  The cowhouses are not used for this purpose anymore.  The cows are no longer brought in from the high pastures to winter in these little buildings anymore.  
Except it did happen ....  for one last time ....last Friday night.

Ghost cows were 'called in' by a local choir singing a song that had been especially written for the occasion and sung by local people.

And as the voices rang out two ghostly cows and two ghostly calves were herded into Myers Bottom cowhouse by the apparition of a sheepdog.

The ghost cows were decorated with quotes from local adults about their experiences and memories of when the cowhouses were in daily use as well as words from local children who have been learning about the cowhouses and the part they play in the history of the upper dale.

Read the full Ghost Cow story and find out more about Every Barn Tells A Story at:

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