Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Wool filled pillows from the Woolroom

A huge delivery of products from the Woolroom arrived at Pry House Farm today.
Wool is nature's miracle fibre; never too hot and never too cold.
I buy from the Woolroom in Ipswich which is run by Bob the Shepherd and his wife, Nicky.  What better endorsement could you ask for? A Suffolk Shepherd and a hill farmer's wife from Swaledale!

The pillows & duvet in the Shepherd's Hut have always been wool but now Woolroom products can be found in the bed & breakfast and Hillcrest Holiday Cottage.

Everything from the Woolroom comes in its own strong, linen bag which after some ingenious disguise by a clever friend of mine now make perfect storage bags ......
 .......... and at the same time provide extra cushions for the daybed. 

  The pillows are adjustable;  too firm - remove some filling, too soft - add a bit more. They regulate the temperature so no more waking up feeling hot and having to turn the pillow over to the cool side.
They are completely washable too.  If they help my guests sleep well then I will be happy.

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