Wednesday, 12 April 2017

The Good, The Bemused and A Small Miracle!

Wednesday 12th April and at Pry House Farm we officially start lambing today 
however we already have a mixed bag of early birds!

Pry House Farm's first lamb and what a good start.  
A fine, strong, single gimmer - exactly what we hope for.

A shearling with her first off-spring looking a little be-mused (I remember the feeling well!)

This ewe had a very tiny lamb born about week too early but hey! what a little trier she is.
She is the sort of lamb that Chris shakes his head at and calls a 'bad little bu**er' 
but I call her Scraplet!  And motherly devotion? Its mother is besotted with it.  A joy to witness.
Turned out at only a couple of days old the young, sweet grass on home field will help the ewe to produce plenty milk and the dry stone walls & deep ghyll in the field provide shelter & safety.

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