Sunday, 12 March 2017

Low Greendale Cow House & Wamp Bridge

Low Greendale Cow House and Wamp Bridge

Pry House has dozens of Cow Houses (pronounced Cowus) dotted all over the farm. 
Low Greendale Cowus sits down by the River Swale close to a beautifully made bridge 
called Wamp Bridge.  On the other side of the bridge the pasture is known as Wamp.

Next to the cowus is a walled enclosure that may, once upon a time, have been a vegetable plot.
It is a long way from Pry House but it is in a very sheltered position and being beside the river the soil is well drained so, all things considered, perhaps not a bad place to grow vegetables after all?

If you would like to find out more about the cowuses of Upper Swaledale the Yorkshire Dales National Park has a new project called Every Barn Tells A Story that looks into the architecture, social history and working practices surrounding the Cowuses in Muker Parish.
For the full story see pages 54 & 55 in the YDNP Visitor 2017 magazine 
or visit

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