Tuesday, 19 July 2016

All is safely gathered in

Its been a long day in the hay fields and there's along night ahead
to get all 2000 bales undercover.
Modern machinery helps however ......
There's still a lot of manual labour required.
Trailer load after trailer load comes off the field to the hay sheds
and each bale is carefully stacked by hand till the huge hay sheds are full to the rafters.
Its a wonderful feeling when the hay is in and we know with certainty that there is enough
best quality feed to see us through the longest and hardest of winters. 


  1. Thanks to Rebanks I can fully understand the relief of getting the job done. It's a matter of survival with the winter coming. Ready for a quick holiday now????? I think you deserve it!!!!!

  2. It was 1.30 in the morning before the men got the last bale under cover but it was worth it as the weather broke with thunder the next day. Still a few more fields to go before hay time is finally over and still an awful lot of sheep to clip but yes, then we will take a well earned break!