Saturday, 5 December 2015

Storm Desmond

Storm Desmond has been raging for almost 24 hours and is forecast to continue for another 18 hours.
 The savage wind is driving the rain under the stone flags on the house roof.
We now have an interesting pattern on my bedroom ceiling!
Probably too little too late
however my cup is always half full rather than half empty so 
better late than never. 
 The river is higher than ever.
I have been reduced to taking photos out of the bedroom windows as it is not fit to be outside.  Having said that Chris & Raymond are out there!

Earlier today Carrie the caravan was in serious danger of blowing over
By parking a tractor and slurry spreader on the side that is taking the worst of the battering
 has helped enormously and may save her.

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  1. Sorry to see and hear of your troubles with the severe weather. Hope the damage is minimized. There are some great pictures posted at the Penny Garth Cafe's web cam in Hawes.