Monday, 21 July 2014

When the Tour de France came to Swaledale

Our day started early with the first car arriving to park at the farm at 5 30 a.m.

Family & farming friends (six quad bikes in total!) joined us for a memorable ride over the moors to the Buttertubs Pass.

There were tens of thousands of people in the dale and a carnival atmosphere prevailed throughout the weekend

A parade of floats, cars and motorbikes came first .....
and then the cyclists (pelaton)

They simply flew past and so close together, it was all over in a flash!


Throughout the TdF weekend a rota of volunteers manned the Countryside & Heritage Centre in Keld.

Chris took his vintage Massey 35 as an added attraction.

Scilla demonstrated weaving on her hand loom and Majorie demonstrated hand spinning.

It was a busy time for everyone but a truly memorable one and will go down in Swaledale's history as a great success.

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