Sunday, 9 February 2014

Snowdrops & Early Spring Blooms at Hillcrest Cottage

It is exciting to discover what is in the garden at Hillcrest Cottage.  One of the nicest things about moving into or owning a new property is seeing the what surprises there are in the garden that first spring and summer.  
I am delighted that there are lots of snowdrops flowering....... 

...... and a dwarf variety of what I think is a Christmas Rose. 
Beautiful - I love white flowers.
Having said that I hope there are lots of daffodils at Hillcrest too! 
The gardens in Low Row are definitely further forward than up here at Pry House Farm.  There is evidence of life in the form of a few shoots but it will be a while before I have any snowdrops in flower.  Just goes to prove how a few hundred feet of height and a much more exposed location can hold things back.  On the plus side, when everything is dying back at Hillcrest, everything will be at its best at Pry House! 

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