Friday, 31 January 2014

31st January and the First Snow of Winter

We have got all the way to the last day of January with hardy any winter weather to speak of however today at 12 noon, just as the weather forecasters predicted, it started to snow.  We haven't had a lot but even a little bit manages to cause chaos.  Chris had a piece of farm machinery to take to Nateby in Cumbria for repair and set off on a tractor and trailer.  He very nearly came to grief on Tailbridge Hill when his wheels locked on and the weight of the trailer sent him, out of control, down the hill.  Luckily the trailer jack-knifed half way down and brought him to a halt.  Scary stuff!!

I helped a tanker turn round in our yard because he also nearly came off the road up by the cattle grid and Raymond had a lady to dig out of a snow drift.  The problem is the road conditions change so quickly as soon as you get beyond Pry House:-  

High ground, driving winds, falling temperatures = STAY INDOORS.  So sorry no photos to back up the story. 

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