Monday, 6 May 2013

Pry House Lambing Sheds

 Our lambing sheds have been extra busy this year.  Ewes that have had twins are given their own pen    until we are sure they have both bonded with their mum.  All our sheep are scanned and if they are expecting twins given a blue marks on their back (see sheep in centre of photo).  As soon as I spot a sheep lambing I look to see if she has a blue mark and then know to watch out for one or two lambs. 
Sheep with singles stay in the main shed area.  Pens are erected at both ends of the shed as well as in smaller buildings and stables in the yard.  At our busiest time we had 31 sheep penned up.  That meant 31 water buckets to fill and 31 haynets to replenish twice a day and an awful lot of lambs to ensure were feeding.  Exhausting!  However today has been a beautiful May day and we have turned out, into the field, all but one.  Only one water bucket and one haynet to fill.  HEAVEN!  

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