Friday, 22 March 2013

Update regarding motorists on moors in snow

It is 9.45 p.m. and Chris has just arrived in.  He has been down to Keld on the tractor to make sure his Dad is okay and when he came back up to Pry House he could see that a vehicle had driven past our house in the last hour so he went to investigate.  Not far along the road he came across a man walking this way.  He had managed to drive about 2 miles past Pry House and then he got his car stuck in a snow drift.  When Chris came across him he had been walking for about an hour in a blizzard in ordinary shoes and an ordinary coat!!  He was about done in.  He got in the tractor and Chris took him back to his car and pulled him out and got him turned round.  He was on his way to Glasgow!!

On the way back Chris met another vehicle whose driver was reluctant to stop and not pleased to be told he had to turn round.

Did Chris get any thanks from these idiots (sorry, men) no, did he hell.  Honestly there is just no excuse for such idiotic behaviour.  There are two road closed signs up,  it is dark, there is a blizzard blowing and there is no mobile reception.  A recipe for disaster if people won't heed the warnings.

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