Sunday, 2 December 2012

Tupping on Pry House Home Field

First of all Chris gathers the sheep and tup together and gives the tup his feed ration.  The tup, after all, needs to keep his strength up!
Then Chris applies more tup rud to the tup's underbelly to be sure it leaves a clear mark on the female's back.  We use yellow rud for the first two weeks of tupping.  Every two weeks the colour of the rud is changed to coincide with the sheep's fortnightly cycle.    This colour system tells Chris which tup the sheep is in lamb to and which week during lambing time it will be born.    
When the colour has been applied the tup is let loose to seek out females in season.
This is Tess, Carrie's mother
Here Tess is holding the sheep together, while Chris is busy with the tup
During tupping time when the sheep are in the pastures they get hay every day.
A yellow bottom.  Job well done!
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  1. Thanks so much for this recent post. Nice to get more insight into the workings of your farm and the lives of the stock.