Thursday, 17 May 2012

Lambing ~ Down to the Last Few

On the sunny side of the wall
 Lambing has almost finished.  We are down to just a handful left to lamb.  It has been a testing time this year and at times seemed that everything was against us.  The weather has been simply dreadful; wet, windy and bitterly cold.  Weeks of  poor weather can cause lots of  problems with both the sheep and the lambs and they need constant shepherding.  The other big worry is that our grass isn't growing.  Despite all this the ewes with a fine, healthy single lamb have been turned back to the moor (everything has a its time in the farming calendar).  Those with twins stay in the pastures and get extra feed so that they can continue to nurture two lambs.  Regardless of the long hours, driving rain and hard work I am sorry that lambing is over.  I shall miss tending to the sheep in the building; foddering, filling water buckets, bedding up, tidying up and generally noting that all is well.  Still, there's always next year to look forward to!
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