Saturday, 4 February 2017

Coast to Coast Path Gets Much Needed Help

Coast to Coast Kirkby Stephen to Keld Section

Over the years thousands of pairs of boots have crossed the peat moors from Nine Standards Rigg on their mission to walk across England - Coast to Coast.  

There are hundreds of tall tales of walkers sinking up to their waists in peat bog, of losing boots and stick and poles.  It is certainly true that when they arrive at their B&B they have a considerable amount of peat upon their person!

But hopefully no more.  There is a big operation in progress to lay a stone path across the worst parts of peat moor which will benefit everyone involved.  Most importantly the path with safeguard the ecostructure of the moor and prevent further damage.

Helicopter in operation at the top of Tailbridge Hill.

Bundles of stone flags are strapped to the winch rope and ........
...... flown over to the Coast to Coast path ready to be laid.


Happiness is no more peaty socks and muddy boots.  Thanks National Parks and AONB for a job well done.

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