Friday, 21 July 2017

A Squadron of Oysters Catchers?

What is the collective name for a group of Oyster Catchers?  
Is there such a thing?

Confident, cocky little creatures.  Stocky and robotic looking.
Never in a hurry to fly away,almost daring you to come closer
whilst all the time watching you with one, orange, beady eye!

 But when they do take flight its so effortless and so elegant;  
the RAF of the bird world.

 They are my favourite.  Can you tell!

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Checking The Power Poles

I've been in a helicopter once.  Its was a wonderful experience.

Every year these guys come along to check the electricity poles and tranformers.
And every year I wonder if they will land in home field and take me up for a spin!

 But they flew off towards Firs and Stone House without a backward glance ....
Oh well, there's always next year!!


Hillcrest's Gorgeous Garden

Everything is looking lovely in the garden at Hillcrest.

It has been so hot the heat makes the hills look hazy but its been glorious.

Its good to see our guests have been taking advantage of the outdoor table and chairs that we have recently added at Hillcrest.  Alfresco breakfast or morning coffee in the sunshine perhaps?
 Lavender, Thyme, Foxgloves, Roses, Hydrangeas, Anemones;  
Hillcrest's garden is awash with colour and scent.

When the Weather is Your Friend ...... Part 3


Hill farmers with stock on the high fells still need small bale hay.  There are lots of places on the moor that can't be accessed by tractor so small bales are a life-line to many of our sheep in winter.

Hay time is a team effort.  
With good modern tractors it runs like a well oiled machine with each man and each tractor playing its role in making and bringing the harvest home.

Ray rows up and Chris stacks the bales off the field using a 8-grab.

 The grass is dry and fluffy and makes good, nutritious, sweet-smelling hay.

Nobody will rest until 'all is safely gathered in'.

When the Weather is Your Friend ..... Part 2


 The shadows may lengthen but the work goes on.

When the Weather Is Your Friend ...... Part 1

For many a month the weather can be the farmer's enemy
but when it is becomes his friend, its wonderful!


 Round Baling.
 Rowing up.

Leading the bales away to be wrapped.

Saturday, 10 June 2017

More Amazing Wildlife at Pry House Farm

We have four young Short Eared Owls living on Pry House Farm Home Field

 The Short Eared Owl is a ground nesting bird. 
These young birds find shelter & protection in the long grass and reeds at the bottom of the field.
They are over a month old as they are fully fledged but are still being supervised 
by the parent birds which are also on the field.