Thursday, 28 April 2016

Ratio 3:2 - defying the odds!

Our triplets, born at 1500ft on the moor just over a week ago, are still being well looked after by their super mum.  It is unusual for a Swaledale to rear three lambs but these triplets are doing fine.
The ewe and her three lambs are in a tiny building that we call the 'pig hole'.  It is where, in days gone by, a pig or two would have been kept. It makes an ideal box for a pair of twins or in this case triplets.  The stone trough lined with hay makes a warm, soft bed and is their favoured place.


  1. Is a triplet the maximum a ewe can deliver? If so, and this great woman does't have a name yet, my advise is to call her Maxima.... :-)