Wednesday, 13 April 2016

A special & favourite old girl

This lovely old ewe (who had twin lambs today) is the last of the sheep that came with Pry House Farm. Hill farms like ours have 'hefted sheep' that always stay with the farm and this ewe is one of the originals when Chris took over the tenancy in April 2004.
In 2004 she was probably a hogg so wouldn't have had her first lamb until 2005
however that was 11 years ago and here she is with a new set of twins.  What a grand old girl.
We know she is an original Pry House sheep because she has a round ear tag and the Calverts have always used rectangular ones.
In April 2015 a friend of mine asked if he could photograph our sheep.  As a thank you he gave me this photograph and by coincidence it is the same sheep.
I love it - to me it has an air of calm, that all is well and under control. 

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